Youth of U Program in Singapore

The Youth of U (YoU) Program in Singapore aims to assist youth between 16 – 35 years old to discover their potential to be entrepreneurial leaders who can initiate and sustain systemic transformational change.

It focuses on two main age groups, 16 – 24 years and 25 – 35 years. The young group are pre-university and university level. At this level, we have co-developed the Asian Science Enterprise Challenge (ASEC) with United in Diversity and Surya Institute in Indonesia. ASEC aims to equip students in the U process and allows them to apply it in a practical way through a regional technology entrepreneurship-based challenge. Since 2005, over 500 students in Singapore, Indonesia and China have participated.

The older group consists of young working professionals who are beginning their own leadership paths within their organisations. We have initiated sessions – called YoU Cafe – to uncover their transformational potential and presencing awareness in a series of half-day workshops. Since 2011, two sessions have been organised and about 40 participants have participated. We are continuing to focus our efforts in developing leaders (using the U process) in Singapore. There are many opportunities to co-create new initiatives and programs, especially on a global scale, to connect our leaders to the larger community.

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