Presencing Dialogue Studio 2014

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About The Presencing Dialogue Studio

Leaders get themselves busy that they forget to take time out for reflection.

To free yourself from operating on Auto-pilot, you must be able to deal consciously and attentively to your role – know what you are doing and why you are doing. For this, you need understand and practice Mindfulness. Mindfulness, as the basis for inspiring leadership, shifts the attention towards unknown territory without losing sight of the here and now.

Mindful leadership ensures that the leaders have a broad awareness of what and why they are doing in their teams and organisations.

The invitation for you is to set aside the familiar an give yourself the gift to explore, discover and experience new territories that will positively transform your personal, family and professional life.


Event Details

Presencing Dialogue Studio @ Newton Room

Singapore Science Centre

August 25 2014, 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Registration fee $18 per person



Dr Jochen Reb & Dr Ben Chan



Please email to or Call: 64252533/64252607 or 96348431 This Studio is brought to you by Science Centre Singapore, Presencing Institute Asia & Singapore Management University.

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