The Team

Dr Ben Chan
Ben has over 27-year experience that includes general management and regional marketing management for industrial, consumer, and services products, mostly in ASEAN countries.  He is also the Executive Director of Singapore’s Entrepreneurial-ship Development Centre (ENDEC), a resource centre where young entrepreneurs come for counseling, training, coaching and consultation about their business venture creation and sustenance.

An academic with distinguished achievements, Dr Chan gives lectures on and offers consulting services in social entrepreneurship both in Singapore and overseas.  He has conducted extensive research and published widely on this subject.

A member of numerous academic and professional associations, Dr Chan holds an M.Sc in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow; a Doctorate in Business Administration from Brunel University, West London, UK; and several professional diplomas. Dr. Chan is the co-designer of MIT- IDEAS Indonesia Program for tri-sector leaders of Indonesia. He is a Presencing Institute certified Master Facilitator on Theory U and the U-Process
Dr Chan speaks various languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, Melayu, and Mandarin

Frans Sugiarta
Frans is the Executive Director of United in Diversity, an Indonesian not-for-profit organization set up with the purpose of forging collaboration and learning amongst diverse leaders and sectors in Indonesia. He has recently completed a leadership program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) US that specialized its learning on a new developed Social Technology process called “Theory U” to forge collective efforts among global leaders.

In that aftermath of Tsunami in 2004, Frans has successfully led the team to relocate and rebuilt a village in Nias island called Sirombu village. His current undertaking also includes liaison with donors and directing the allocation of resources to deliver United in Diversity mission.

Frans is also one of the co-designer of IDEAS Indonesia program, an MIT executive education program for future leaders of Indonesia and work currently extensively with Dr. Chan to develop IDEAS program for ASEAN leaders and China. Focusing his interest in Learning Organization, Frans has been working as lecturer, coach and mentor for a wide range of audience starting to youth to leaders in many organization both domestic and abroad. He is a Presencing Institute certified Master Facilitator on Theory U and the U-Process

Frans holds a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics from Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Holland.

Dr Erwin Chan
Erwin is an Immunologist graduated from the University of Edinburgh and holds a PhD from the University of Western Australia

Erwin acquired many entrepreneurial lessons through scientific observations of the business world. After his PhD, he immersed himself in the world of technology and entrepreneurship in the Singapore ecosystem. He worked with Agency for Science, Research and Technology (A*STAR) and was the IP (Intellectual Property) Ambassador at the Singapore Management University (SMU) Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Currently, he is heading a start-up company that is in the high end technology of medical devices for sustainable pain management for patients suffering from chronic muscular and skeletal pain. Erwin is passionate about using design thinking in business and scientific innovations. Since his student days at the University, he co-organised the ASEC-GEC competitions
He was invited as facilitator at the Nanyang Technopreneurship Centre Program and guest speaker at Innovation and Entrepreneurship events at the Singapore Polytechnic and international conferences