The U Tribe


Our observation is that there is a new form of presence and power that grow spontaneously from small groups and network of people. Among them, there is a different quality of connection that wants to emerge as they operate from a real future possibility. As these groups start to tap into different social field (than the one that they normally experience), it manifests through a shift in the quality of thinking, conversing and collective action. Hence, people in these small groups are connected with a deep source of creativity and consciousness that moves beyond the patterns of the past – it is as if an unseen but permanent, fellowship is being collectively created.

As an executive/ leader in your organisation and equity-holder in your family, do you encounter many challenges on the personal, organisational and societal level? Are you satisfied with the status-quo in your current position?

YoU have the power to collectively create and transform your current reality into your desired future reality. Would you join us to learn from the future …?